InnoviCares is a unique benefit program that provides our clients with the choice to stay on brand name medications at the generic price and additional savings on many healthcare products. There are no monthly fees and innoviCares is accepted at over 98% of Canadian pharmacies. This program is part of The Benefits Alliance Group’s network.

What are the benefits?

  • No cost to you or your benefit plan
  • Provides free supplementary drug coverage
  • Provides benefits for chronic conditions like diabetes and pain
  • Coordinates with your primary drug plan
  • Greater access to medications and healthcare products
  • Helps alleviate many financial barriers when choosing brand name medications
  • Provides coverage for members that don’t have a private insurance plan

How to Register:

To start taking advantage of the benefits available through innoviCares, simply register online. Once registered, a permanent card will be mailed to you. FOR IMMEDIATE SAVINGS, you can also download a card online after completing registration. Get your card today by visiting the website.